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Tax help for farmers Farmers who gain income from farming choose many different ways to set up their business. If a farmer is self-employed, they will likely file a Schedule F form, which is a 1040 Form for income derived from farming. If a farm decides to incorporate into a partnership LLC or other business structure, they will file based on the business structure [like a Schedule C for a corporation]. It is important to think about the tax implications for the business structure you choose to use. Some federal grant programs under the NRCS and USDA require farmers to show that they have filed a Schedule F or otherwise documented income from production to be eligible to participate in the grant program. Below you will find some tax-specific resources, as well as some sample tax examples for the most common tax implications for urban farmers. Also look at the business planning resources section of this website for help with planning for tax implications of income derived from urban farming. It is important to keep the right records during the year for your tax reporting type.

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